Mike Anderton | Mike Anderton for Jefferson County

    Mike has been married to Margaret Stephens Anderton for over 35 years, has three children and three grandchildren. Mike is active in his community and in St. Francis Xavier Church, where he sat on the Church Rebuilding Committee.

    Students of the World

    As the Clinton Global Initiative kicks off their last annual meeting, Courtney Spence reflects on her formative years with the organization and the inspiring people she met along the way.

    Voter registration drive kit : Election Tools

    Voter registration drives are a popular way to promote community involvement and civic participation around the country. Materials for registration drives are plentiful, but many of the materials available are prepared by political campaigns or interest groups.

    Harris County Commissioner Precinct 2

    Commissioner Jack Morman is proud to announce the start of construction on phase one of the Atascocita Area Hike & Bike Trail for early November. See article for more details.

    Downtown Cocktail Room

    An intimate cocktail room and "speak-UP" in the heart of Las Vegas, Downtown Cocktail Room and Mike morey’s sip’n’tip combined 3,000 square feet are equal parts loungy, upscale cocktail vibe and clandestine, low-brow nyc vibe.

    2018 Ohio Primary Election: Latest news, live results

    Noon: Plenty of time to vote. Board of election officials in area counties said turnout has been low and no problems were reported when the polls opened.

    Bring the L.A. Times list of endorsements with you to the

    So many ballot measures. So many names. How do you keep them all straight when it’s time to vote? Our complete list of Los Angeles Times endorsements can help. You might want to look it over

    Who won the 2016 US Presidential Election – Live Results

    Nov 10, 2016 · Update: Hillary Clinton won Minnesota, increasing her electoral vote total to 228. Donald Trump won the election with 289 electoral votes. On Thursday, …

    Bottoms claims victory in Atlanta mayoral race; Norwood

    Keisha Lance Bottoms claims victory, but Mary Norwood says she’ll ask for a recount.

    New Miami-Dade commissioner Eileen Higgins is a bus

    But she does regularly, a transit habit unique for a county commissioner as she prepares to join a 13-member board where bus riding is sometimes dismissed as a dated commuting option of last resort.

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